Friday, July 18, 2014


Since its independence Kenya has gone through a lot of changes and challenges, the population has grown tremendously hence there has been a lot of changes in the country, politically, socially, physically and psychologically.  Before independence the greatest worry Kenyans had was the White man and how to get him out of the Country, finally the White man’s government left us to govern ourselves. The celebrations were vibrant marking freedom from the White man’s government and people thought everything will be wonderful.
50 years later there is no more jubilation, its tribulations people crying about poverty, corruption, tribalism, nepotism etc….  nothing getting better only things getting worse.  However these were not the problems Kenya had before independence so we should go back to the drawing line and ask ourselves where did the rain start beating? What is the root cause of our problems, can we ever have a leader who is willing to go back to history and retrace our steps to heal this Country.
The buck will always stop with the leadership, if the shepherd stops in the middle of the road all the sheep stop there and we all get hit, if the shepherd decides to lead the sheep to a ditch we all go there. So if the leadership goes the tribal way we all become tribal, if the leadership takes the corrupt root we all follow suit, if nepotism is the way then we all follow.
We are over 40 children trying to eat from one plate in this house that God placed us in but some are satisfied other are complaining they are not getting enough. The more we fight the more we hate each other and our leaders are not even making it any better. This has become the greatest evil that has refused to go away, it has become like some everlasting problem that needs some supernatural intervention.
I wish a leader could stand out in Kenya and proclaim that Tribalism is a national disaster that needs to be dealt with austerely. Then start strategies and programs to stop this great vice and if possible even ban the speaking of vernacular in all public places unless for the very old who never learnt any other language. Appoint a ministry to deal with this vice and get rid of it completely, legal action to be taken on anyone found abusing a fellow Kenyan on tribal lines. Such a leader can get an international recognition and an award.
If my dream ever comes true, then Kenya can be healed of the greatest evil facing us.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Westgate mall attack

I lack to right words to describe the Westgate Mall Attack in Nairobi’s Westlands area. It is the worst firearms attack ever experience in the Country by people suspected to be terrorists.
My heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their loved once, to those who are in hospitals it is my prayers they get well soon, let us commit those still held hostage and the forces trying to rescue them into prayers because it is a delicate situation that only requires miracles.

These idle cowards will not divide us, in-fact we are now more united than ever, Kenya is bigger than they think,  they will never finish us because God is with our beloved Nation.

 Kenya We Are One!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


41 people dying in a bus accident is a big number, great losses to families.  City to City bus that was heading to South Nyanza via Mahi Mahiu - Narok  must have been driven like crazy and must have been overloaded for it to lose control and roll six times killing all those people.

It is sad to watch innocent Kenyans die or get crippled because of careless drivers, unethical bus owners and corrupt traffic police. It was sad to note that the Bus did not have a valid Transport Licensing Board (TLB) certificate.  If the bus owners followed transport rules, their bus speed governors would have not been tampered with, the bus drivers should also drive carefully with or without speed governors and also those to take part of the blame are the traffic police who should be enforcing these laws; instead they are busy taking bribes at the expense of human life.
This is too much now, for how long will this human slaughter on our roads continue, every time leaders speak out to condemn, request for speedy investigations and actions to be taken. At least now we hear that night travel by public service vehicles (PSV) will be stopped but that is not the only solutions. Yes night accidents have been the worst even involving school buses. However that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen during the day. Something more needs to be done, like prosecuting the bus drivers (that is if they survive), the bus owners and the traffic police who were on duty enroute.

Otherwise it will be so sad to hear of another terrible accident within a few days after this one.

God help us.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Abortions in Kenya

Half a million abortions every year, 64% by married women? This is crazy what are contraceptives for, contraceptives are also cheaper than abortions.

Some women have become serial abortionists like this case of "Sandra says she has lost count of the many times she has had an abortion. I have done it so many times and I don't know how it happens, I just find myself in the situation. I have even become a regular customer in the place where I go for the procedure,” she says. - see more

She also says "My husband doesn't want another child and when I use contraceptives, he complains so I cannot go for them and neither does he want to use condoms,” says the mother of two, adding that she has never considered a permanent method of family planning".

I don't understand why a woman can risk her life and leave her children suffering for the sake of a man. This is a very inconsiderate couple who need help, if the man doesn't want other children and has a problem with contraceptives he should get a vasectomy done.

It is also sad that girls loose their uterus and ability to get children because of abortions done by quacks.

This is a serious issue, something needs to be done.